September Shows

Make It Right

The Bunker Center for the Arts will be opening its doors this week for What Was Left, a series of paintings recently finished from this summer at Chautauqua School of Art. The show will be on display September 5th – 28th with a reception Friday September 6th from 5-9 pm.

What You Came For

This Friday as well there will be an opening for SHE a collection of 40 female artists showing their work at M2 Gallery in Little Rock Arkansas. The show will run from September 6th to October 25th. The reception will be this Friday night from 5-9 pm. What You Came For and its concept sketch will be on display.


Next Friday Bellevue College will open their exhibition of Changing Bodies which runs September 19th – November 1st with a reception on the 19th from 5 – 9 pm. My painting Woodpile will be on display. The gallery will be exhibiting works in a variety of media that examine the body and how various internal and external elements subject it to change. With a diverse range of national and regional artists, the exhibition hopes to challenge preconceived notions of what bodies should look like, which bodies should be visible, and what does it mean to have or imagine to have, ownership of your own body. Visitors will discover works that challenge them to think differently about bodies and their role in contemporary art and society.

How Come You Never Go There

Also currently up through the end of the month is House Party at Midtown Gallery Associates. I’ll be changing out Ghost for a new painting How Come You Never Go There. Be sure to catch it before it goes down!

The Elevate exhibit at 21c in Bentonville will be up now through the end of September. Two Year Hymn is on display with all 24 paintings from the series.

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