Two Year Hymn

The last two years I have worked on a project cataloguing my hormone replacement therapy (hrt) based transition from male to female. This has been a long journey but extremely rewarding when I step back and look at the progress I have made both artistically and emotionally. The project consists of 24 portraits that track my physical and emotional transition. The only rules were the portrait’s had to be finished in the month they were made and contain a forward facing profile of myself depicted as I saw myself at that time.

These rules allowed for a nuanced look at how I saw myself each month. Some of the portraits feel scarred and ghostly, some appear distorted, while others appear to be an exact copy of what I looked like at that moment. Two years, on average, is the maximum effect transwomen receive from hormone replacement therapy (or HRT). The duration for this project is two years: 24 portraits in 24 months. 

Sitting in front of a mirror for two years trying to capture my features felt like an ongoing hymn repeated again and again. This piece should be viewed as a whole. However, it can be seen as individual pieces. I have chosen the web based format so you can scroll from 2019 through 2017 and take in the piece from the end to the beginning.

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