Summer at Chautauqua and Upcoming Shows

Chautauqua School of Art Studio Space

This summer I’ll be at the Chautauqua School of Art from mid June to early August. I took a position as the Concierge helping with small tasks and assisting the staff at the School of Art. While here I’m working on three new paintings for a solo show in September at the Bunker Center for the Arts in Kansas City, MO. The show titled “What was Left” will consist of paintings, drawings, and watercolors of bodies in water. It opens September 5th and closes on the 28th. Very honored and excited to have an opportunity to show my work in the space. More information coming soon.

House Party with Elise Raborg

While I’m in New York “House Party” will open in Bentonville early July and run through the beginning of October. The exhibit is a two person show with Elise Raborg’s work and some of my paintings from earlier this year. I’m very honored to be selected by the curator, Kellie Lehr, and to show work alongside Elise. The show will open at 211 South Main St at Midtown Associates July 9th with a private dinner in September.

Work in Progress
44″ x 44″
Oil on Canvas

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