Blog Post 01/25/18

Hey All,

This site is brand new. I’m very excited to open it to the public and that you’ve taken time to look. If you knew my old site you’ll know a few things have changed. I purchased this domain name after changing my name and gender on all government documents. It was a long task. This site has taken longer than expected to create and orchestrate my work and accomplishments.

I am a graduate student at the University of Arkansas pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts. I creating a body of work that represents the transgender experience, my own as well as others. The work on the website now deals with everything leading up to my transition. You’ll find the Pig Series from 2014 and the Rabbits from 2015 (as well ongoing) which document my personal narratives of being in a gendered body. At the time I found the idea of a delegated subject a way to metaphorically show to what I was experiencing. I’ve started a series of smaller self portraits that document my transition as a Transwoman. You’ll find these images in the “Portrait” section.

What I’m working on now is how to create a body of work that represents the trans* individual as being structured within an ontological (nature of being) material system. I’ve been reading theorists like Gayle Salamon, Michelle Foucault, and Judith Butler. What was missing from these theorists were the real world individuals who experienced these philosophical situations on a daily basis. What I’ve come to find out is that it is not enough to represent the individuals but the system in which these individuals are constructed.

Stay tuned for more updates. I’ll post weekly blog posts to document the studio work and theoretical studies. Also check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for semi weekly studio work.



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